re/direct: Greg Scott

As the spring quarter and academic year swiftly come to a close, our thoughts turn to summer. Here at SSRC we’ll be taking advantage of the relative dip in the hustle and bustle of campus life to explore such multi-media technologies as Dipity (see the feature article below). Every week, it seems, we’re finding new technologies for solving old research-related problems and adapting old technologies to identify new problems worthy of systematic investigation.

SSRC staff will spend the better part of the summer working with faculty and graduate students to experiment with a broad spectrum of multimedia, interactive technologies to do research and dynamically convey research findings for consumption in the “public sphere.” From 4D mapping to interlaced social media platforms to multiple media timeline-creation to innovative field data collection, we’ll be “playing with purpose” and with an eye toward hatching all new lines of programmatic activity.

Soon, for instance, we’ll be recruiting a small number of faculty interested in working with SSRC staff and graduate student researchers to develop capacity in this skill domain. Our approach will entail “surrounding” each faculty scholar with the support necessary to transform his or her academic research into high-impact multi-media and multi-modal consumer-friendly information products.  We’re particularly keen on working with faculty whose research questions, processes, and/or findings speak directly to issues that affect the quality of public life in the Chicago area and whose enhanced layperson-friendly presentation will contribute to the realization of DePaul’s uniquely Vincentian, urban, social justice driven mission.

Please let us know if you’re interested in joining this select group of faculty who will work vigorously with us in this manner. If you’ve already made strides in this regard and have figured out novel ways of getting your research into the hands of the public , then please also get in touch so that we can learn from you and perhaps feature your work on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

Greg Scott, PhD
Director, Social Science Research Center


Author: streetprof

Sociologist, documentary filmmaker, aficionado of maudlin ballads, dive bars, worn fretboards, black and white photographs, reels of film, all that is palpable, and not.

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