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Message from the Director

In response to our re/search newsletter, we’ve been hearing from many faculty. Some write just to introduce themselves; others request assistance; still others share tips and insights with us. Getting such good notes from faculty has led us to start including faculty voices in re/search.

Every week (ideally) we’ll publish either (1) a letter or message from a faculty member offering information and/or insight that other faculty scholars likely will find useful, or (2) a faculty member’s article about a research-related topic.  We want re/search to offer useful information, as any good newsletter should, but we also want it to be a lively space for engaging dialogue.

This week we feature the voice of Dr. Leonard Jason, Director of the Center for Community Research, whose message to us prompted quick action, and the end result will be useful to many of you.

Hi Greg:

Love your newsletter—filled with great stuff.

You might like to know about some thoughts I have. In the future there will be more collaboration and interactions with researchers across various institutional settings, and many of these innovations will allow researchers to share promising instruments, data sets and new methods of exchanging and pooling data.

As an example, REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is an open-access online database at which allows researchers to submit their own instruments and scales, as well as use a large number that have already been inventoried. In addition, investigators can share data across settings in databases, thus enlarging communication lines and enhancing standardization procedures across sites.

This is a free service and requires only that a given university sign up as a participating site. I believe that researchers will increasingly utilize such websites to provide greater consensus regarding instruments and methods employed in multisite studies.

There are hundreds of schools that are members of REDCap, and literally thousands of investigators around the world using it. It is out of Vanderbilt and free to join, but an institution needs to join.

Leonard A. Jason, PhD
Director, Center for Community Research

After receiving Lenny’s message, we worked with the LAS Dean’s Office to figure out how DePaul could become a member of this amazing worldwide association.  As of today, we’re entering the final stages of membership approval.  Once we’ve got REDCap up and running, we’ll publish a manual on how to use it and invite DePaul faculty to try it out.

While we can’t promise that every wish will be filled and every request satisfied, you can be certain that nothing will happen if you don’t ask or suggest!  So please let us know what we can do to help you.  Remember, your research is our business.

Greg Scott, PhD
Director, Social Science Research Center


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