Rachel’s Corner: Stat/Transfer

Every week, SSRC Senior Research Methodologist Rachel Lovell recommends her favorite tips, tools, and resources for research. Do you have a favorite trick or tool that you’d like to share, or are you looking for a tool to solve a specific research problem? Send Rachel an email!

Grrrr…the data I need to download are only available in SAS but I only work in SPSS.  What to do?

Stat/Transfer is a software package that provides fast, reliable, and convenient data transfers between almost all popular software packages.

Why do you need this?  Well, this software easily transfers data from one statistical package to another without losing or miscoding necessary information such as missing values, and value and variable labels.

We have this software at the SSRC.  If you are interested in using it, please let us know.


Author: Rachel Lovell

Rachel Lovell is the Senior Research Methodologist at the SSRC where she is responsible for designing, developing, implementing, and analyzing empirical research studies generated within SSRC and also by faculty researchers affiliated with SSRC. Rachel received her Ph.D. in sociology from The Ohio State University in 2007. Her more recent research interests include women, public health, and sex work.

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