Avatars in Online Research

As we all know, the fastest-growing center of communication is the Internet. Survey researchers around the world are constantly creatively testing, through trial and error, the most effective methods for engaging participants in online survey questionnaires and interviews.

Folks from national bodies such as the US Census Bureau have been actively researching and exploring the idea of using avatars or virtual animated agents for interviewers in online surveys. This new body of research is illuminating a fascinating and compelling methodology. Could this be the future of survey research? Read more about it out on the blog Survey Practice, a great resource for survey researchers.


Author: InnerG

Glenance Green is a Chicago-based scholar, activist, playwright, filmmaker, recreational athlete, and published author of the book Shades of Green. Glenance has forged her own creative path to visual and performing arts through writing. She is also the founder and director of A g Thing!, a creative agency in the City of Chicago that aids as a catalyst in bringing unsung voices and their narratives to the broader community. ​

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