re/edit: Jessica Speer

Message from the Editor

Putting together the weekly issue of re/search is one of the most fun parts of my work here at the SSRC. Every week, I inevitably learn a minimum of six new things, find a few new tools, and marvel at the breadth and diversity of scholarly work when looking through calls for papers. (Plus I really like looking for images to illustrate the articles every week.) Work on the newsletter never stops, really, and it’s definitely a group effort. We’re always on the lookout for stories, articles, tools, data sets, anything that would be a good addition to re/search and the work of the faculty we serve.

As Greg has mentioned here before, the SSRC is an idea factory, always working to improve on itself, and this newsletter is no exception. This week, we are excited to announce the launch of the re/search blog!

We’ve been working on it quietly behind the scenes for a while, making sure that we include all the good material we’ve been sending you every week. Now you can go back and look for all the articles we wrote about research tools, or read every single re/direct, or all the articles about quantitative methodology, or find that article about mapping HIV and send it to a colleague (or share it on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, or LinkedIn). You can also subscribe to the blog using your favorite RSS reader (Outlook also has an RSS reader function).

For now, the content will be the same as the newsletter. At first, we will be posting articles in the week following their publication in the newsletter, but we hope in the future to post additional longer articles and essays to the blog (maybe even some interviews with faculty about their research), reserving the newsletter for shorter summaries of the blog articles at the end of the week. The content will largely be the same, but we’re offering you control over how you receive and interact with it.

One thing we are really hoping for with this new blog is to have a conversation with you. The newsletter format is, by its nature, a monologue. We’d love the re/search blog to be a place where DePaul faculty (and others!) can talk about research, comment on new developments or tools, network, and maybe even get ideas for research projects. We’re definitely in “beta” testing, so please send me your feedback and ideas for how we could make both the re/search blog AND newsletter better.

Lately, we’ve been having some issues with delivering the newsletter. At some point, something we wrote flagged us in the Postini system (it seems to think we’re a get-rich-quick scheme, perhaps because we promise our readers so much). Maybe you’ve noticed the newsletters quarantined or stuck in your junk mail folder or you’ve missed it for a week or two. We’ve come up with a workaround that (we hope) is working while we troubleshoot with IS to solve the problem; please bear with us.

As we seek alternative solutions, check your junk folder and Postini, or just head to the blog to see what’s up if you don’t get it. (We send it every Friday, rain or shine.) If you have a moment, please add and to your address book so you don’t miss any more of our newsletters! If you’d like to unsubscribe and just read our content through the new blog, just send me an email and I’ll take you off the list.

While we’re peeking behind the re/search curtain, I want to take the opportunity to thank Linda Levendusky, who meticulously copyedits every issue of the newsletter before it goes out. Without her, none of this would make any sense and the commas would be in all the wrong places. Thanks also to Frank Edwards; without him the blog wouldn’t even exist.

Remember, your re/search is our business.

Jessica Speer, MS
Research Specialist


Author: Jessica Speer

As the Research Specialist at SSRC, Jessica edits re/search, consults with faculty, and conducts SSRC research projects. She is interested in questions of information management, preservation, communication, and dissemination.

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