Annotated Bibliography: Social Media for Recruitment

Illustration by Kathleen Donovan

The ways in which scholars engage in research are gradually shifting. In the age of technology, information can be disseminated freely in a relatively short span of time. Scholars around the world are obtaining information and exchanging resources in and across their disciplines as result of social networking.

In addition to networking, surveys can be distributed via Facebook and the latest resources for faculty and students in the academy can be shared on Twitter. Social media in the western world has become such a large component of our existence that we would be remiss to not take advantage of its potential.

Recently, we put together a Social Media Annotated Bibliography (click to download the .docx file) on online survey recruitment using social media, particularly social networking sites. Although much of the literature suggests that online survey research can produce diverse convenience samples at a minimal cost to the researcher, the literature in this area also touches on crucial ethical and methodological issues in online research as well.


Author: InnerG

Glenance Green is a Chicago-based scholar, activist, playwright, filmmaker, recreational athlete, and published author of the book Shades of Green. Glenance has forged her own creative path to visual and performing arts through writing. She is also the founder and director of A g Thing!, a creative agency in the City of Chicago that aids as a catalyst in bringing unsung voices and their narratives to the broader community. ​

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