GRACE: Supporting DePaul Research

Between teaching, service, and personal commitments, DePaul’s faculty scholars often find their own scholarship in last place. What they need most may not be training or tools but simply “more hands on deck” to do basic research tasks such as entering or cleaning data, conducting or coding interviews, writing literature reviews, and taking care of other integral details.

The SSRC’s primary mission is to build capacity among faculty researchers.  While we can offer help developing a solid methodological approach, or data cleaning training, we can’t do the actual research work.

Graduate Research Assistance for Creative Endeavors (GRACE), a new SSRC program, addresses that need for help with specific research tasks. We’re offering tenured and especially tenure-track faculty members 20 free hours of work by one of the SSRC’s well-trained graduate Research Assistants. The RAs, in turn, will gain valuable “hands-on” research experience.


Applicants are invited to submit a brief outline of their project, with specific tasks for the RA. Proposals should include a concrete and achievable goal for the RA.

Two faculty researchers will each receive 20 hours of RA assistance in this pilot offering.  The awarded hours may be taken over the course of a quarter.

If necessary, the SSRC will provide the RA and/or faculty member with additional training to support the research project. Any training for the RA will be considered SSRC capacity-building and won’t be deducted from the 20-hour award.


Eligibility is limited to DePaul research projects (not instructional work or work for an outside organization).  The work performed by the RA must be substantive research tasks that will contribute to an RA’s research experience and contribute meaningfully to a project (e.g., compiling an annotated bibliography entering or cleaning data) Services such as transcribing interviews or photocopying handouts for class will not be considered.


Applications are due by Friday, May 24.

We will announce the winning projects by Friday, June 7. Proposed RA work should begin no earlier than June 10. Faculty may only be awarded one GRACE period per academic year.

The application is available at:


Author: Jessica Speer

As the Research Specialist at SSRC, Jessica edits re/search, consults with faculty, and conducts SSRC research projects. She is interested in questions of information management, preservation, communication, and dissemination.

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