The Erotic Labor Market Survey

The DePaul SSRC is kicking off the Erotic Labor Market Survey, a pilot study of the erotic labor market.  The web-based survey will explore the perceptions and attitudes towards sex trafficking among individuals who have participated in the erotic labor market. Examples of sexual or erotic labor include, but are not limited to, the following:

●     exotic dancing (e.g., go-go, private shows, feature, bachelor parties, peep shows)
●     sensual or tantric massage
●     fetish, lingerie or nude modeling (print, live or webcam)
●     sugar dating/mutually beneficial dating
●     performing in porn or other erotic adult movies/clips
●     BDSM services (as a professional submissive or Dominant) or fetish fulfillment services
●     fantasy role playing
●     professional escorting/companionship
●     street-based prostitution
●     brothel-based prostitution
●     tantra
●     phone sex
●     trading sex or sexual behavior for food, rent, drugs, etc.

Individuals who have participated in the erotic labor market as providers, managers, owners, and support staff are encouraged to complete the survey. Additionally, individuals who have purchased any of the above erotic services or provided advocacy or social services to providers are encouraged to participate.


Author: Jessica Bishop-Royse

JBR is into scholarship, research, statistics, methods, and doing fun stuff outside of work.

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