Dark Sky Retreat 2015

Dark Sky poster image-summer

UPDATE: We’ve decided to reschedule the retreat for July 12 – 16 (with travel on the 12th & 16th). Hopefully the summer schedule will make it easier for more people to attend.

Inspired by UNESCO’s International Year of Light in 2015, the SSRC is initiating programming for the year that deals with the concepts of light, broadly speaking. Programs will touch on light in both literal and abstract ways, engaging scholars from around the University.  As a part of this programming, the SSRC is working with the Headlands International Dark Sky Park in Emmet County, Michigan to host a retreat for DePaul scholars (faculty, staff, and students) to discuss and explore issues of light and darkness from the perspective of a variety of fields. The retreat will begin on the Spring Solstice–a time when light and darkness fill our day equally. Participants will share expertise and ideas, work on projects, and explore light and the darkness preserved at the park.

A select group of faculty members will form the core of the group. Each invited faculty member will offer a short presentation to the group over the course of the week–a talk, performance, lead an activity, etc. At the end of the retreat, the group will offer a public presentation developed over the course of the week at the Dark Sky park. Aside from these short daily events, the time at the retreat will be largely unstructured, leaving participants to make of it what they will.

We are extending an invitation to you to join this group to explore ideas in your field related to light and darkness, whether metaphorically (e.g., transparency in government) or concretely (e.g., light pollution). The retreat will take place from March 19 to the 26th, with the 19th and 26th as travel days. Transportation to and from the park will be provided, as well as food and lodging.

About the Location

The Headlands International Dark Sky Park is one of twenty such parks around the world, designed to meet standards put in place by the International Dark Sky Association. The park is designed to limit the amount of light pollution, preserving a clear view of the night sky. The Headlands is located in northern Michigan, near Mackinaw City, just across from the Upper Peninsula. The park offers programs on astronomy and ecology year-round.

If you are interested in participating in the Dark Sky Retreat, send an email to jspeer3@depaul.edu

Please spread the word to faculty, staff, and students who may be interested in participating!


Author: Jessica Speer

As the Research Specialist at SSRC, Jessica edits re/search, consults with faculty, and conducts SSRC research projects. She is interested in questions of information management, preservation, communication, and dissemination.

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