Useful Tools: Up and Running with Lynda and Public Data Sets

Are you in a research funk?

Are you at a place where you’re sick of the research you have been doing?  Maybe you’re not sick of your topic, you’ve just exhausted your data sources.  Lynda (which DePaul subscribes to) has a tutorial/video series that can help you find new data sources.  “Up and Running with Public Data Sets” by Curt Frye is a 2 hour long tutorial of videos that introduce you to some widely used datasets, including the Census and American Fact Finder, the Internal Revenue Service, the US Department of Education, the US Department of Labor Statistics.


Moreover, there a couple of sections on data tools, such as search engines (Quandl and INFORUM) and visualizing data.  As a 2 hour long introduction, “Up and Running” seems like it could be useful to many researchers without requiring a substantial buy-in in terms of resources or time.


Author: Jessica Bishop-Royse

Jessica Bishop-Royse is the SSRC’s Senior Research Methodologist. Her areas of interest include: health disparities, demography, crime, methods, and statistics. She often finds herself navigating the fields of sociology, demography, epidemiology, medicine, public health, and policy. She was broadly trained in data collection, Stata, quantitative research methodology, as well as statistics. She has experience with multi-level analyses, survival analyses, and multivariate regression. Outside of the work context, Jessi is interested in writing, reading, travel, photography, and sport.

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