Brendan McQuade’s Mess Hall

DePaul University Visiting Assistant Professor Brendan McQuade delivered a practice job talk during his Mess Hall presentation on Thursday October 29th in Suite 3100 of 990 W. Fullerton.

Brendan McQuade

In the talk, he described the national network of Fusion Centers within the Department of Homeland Security.  These are collaborative efforts between two or more agencies that provide resources, expertise, and information whose goal is to detect, prevent, investigate, and respond to criminal and terrorist activity.  The Fusion Centers came about as a result of intelligence failures following the September 11th terrorist attacks, where several local, state, and federal entities had information about potential terrorist threats but failed to “connect the dots”.   The talk was largely about his research that investigates decarceration and rising domestic surveillance programs in the United States.  His results were the product of 75 field interviews with intelligence professionals in New York and New Jersey.


Author: Jessica Bishop-Royse

Jessica Bishop-Royse is the SSRC’s Senior Research Methodologist. Her areas of interest include: health disparities, demography, crime, methods, and statistics. She often finds herself navigating the fields of sociology, demography, epidemiology, medicine, public health, and policy. She was broadly trained in data collection, Stata, quantitative research methodology, as well as statistics. She has experience with multi-level analyses, survival analyses, and multivariate regression. Outside of the work context, Jessi is interested in writing, reading, travel, photography, and sport.

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