Visualizing ‘The Star’

While Mozart is popularly believed to have originated the lullaby, “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” the words to the famous cradle song were written by Jane Taylor, an English poet and novelist. It was first published in 1806 in “Rhymes for the Nursery,” written and complied by Jane and her sister Ann Taylor. Like other lullabies, it came to be paired with the melody of a popular French children’s song, “Ah! vous dirais-je, Maman,” a tune popularized further by Mozart’s twelve different tune variations.
The infograph below creates a contemporary visualization of this classic lullaby.

Click through to see the enlarged image.


Techniques Used
The above visualization includes 3 types of analysis techniques:

Text Analysis: The word trend graph shows the relative frequencies of the words used most. The word cloud displays all the words of the lullaby in the form of a cloud with the size of the text proportional to the word frequency. The text network shows the most influential words in the lullaby responsible for the theme shifts and other themes associated with these influential words using a non-linear network diagram.

Statistical Analysis: The statistical analysis ranges from basic counts such as total characters and words, number of lines and syllables, and average words per line or sentence to more complex indices and densities.

Quantitative Analysis: Two chart types were used to visualize quantitative data — a trend chart showing word counts of the most frequently used words and a bubble chart showing the word count of all words in the lullaby.

Implementing visualization techniques in faculty research
The image above shows different visualization techniques used in analyzing text such as books, articles or even candidate stump speeches. These might be used to effectively convey data or research conclusions to different types of audiences in various disciplines or industries.

Ask us how to visualize your research
If you want help visualizing your own research findings or wonder if your research lends itself to similar techniques including data acquisition and preprocessing of both quantitative and qualitative data, contact Nandhini Gulasingam at


Author: Nandhini Gulasingam

Nandhini Gulasingam is a Senior Analyst for IT Solutions at the Social Science Research Center (SSRC) where she manages GIS, database, web development projects for the SSRC and is developing data visualization techniques for use in the social and behavioral sciences. She is also an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Geography where she teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

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