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We launched re/search as a blog because we wanted to have a dialog about social science and research-related issues. Your comments here are what makes that discourse lively, conversational, and worthwhile. It’s important to us to keep our discussion civil, productive, and respectful. To that end, we have developed some ground rules about commenting on this site. Please also see the DePaul Community Guidelines.

We moderate all first-time comments. We think of this first comment as an introduction. After your first comment has been approved, your comments will post directly to the blog. We will try to approve your comments in a timely manner, but appreciate your patience. We may be in the field, analyzing data, or conducting a workshop.

It’s natural for conversation to get heated from time to time, but we’d like to maintain a professional tone around here. Flaming, hate speech, ad hominem attacks, name-calling, and threatening language will not be tolerated. If something written here, by us or by another discussant, makes you angry, take a deep breath and compose a civil response. If you can’t be civil, skip that post and move on.

As scholars, we appreciate good citations, and so we welcome working links to reliable sources of information. Please use discretion when posting links in comments. Make sure the link works. We will remove broken, faulty, or questionable links.

We understand the inclination to write a long treatise when an idea is exciting or inspiring (some of us have the same inclination). However, please try to limit your comments to a reasonable length (around 200 words). (This comments policy is just over 300, for a frame of reference.) If you feel the need to say more, you could write a response on your own blog and track back to this post, or leave a summary and link in the comments here. We also welcome guest contributors on occasion. Contact Jessica Bishop-Royse with a proposal.

Thanks for reading! We’re looking forward to many interesting conversations to come.


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